About GrowYourOwn

Why GrowYourOwn?

GrowYourOwn (GYO) is a gardening and garden leisure products supplier that offers a vast list of seeds, with both heirloom and old favourites covering fruit, vegetables, flowers and tropicals.

We specialise in the different, bringing new and innovative products to the market that are not normally found in your average garden centres.

GYO stands for sustainability, lifestyle, urban gardening, well being, education, creativity, connecting with nature, future thinking, self-sufficiency, food security, organics, food, ecosystems.

What's not to love about homegrown food? You get a fresh supply of fruit and vegetables all year round. Where you don't have to depend on supermarket availability.

  • Availability: Don't rely on supermarket stock - even exotic mushrooms can be grown at home in a jiffy
  • Tastier food: Eat your food at its freshest, without mass production and diminishing shelf life interfering with the taste
  • Live organically: No unknown chemicals, contaminants, herbicides or pesticides
  • Sustainable:  Zero food miles are used - how much more local can you get than homegrown?
  • Get active: Reduce anxiety and stress with a rewarding hobby
  • Family fun: Create hands-on learning opportunities for your youngsters, allowing them to explore their environment and the great outdoors. 

But you don't need a garden to grow your own food at home - all you need is a bit of spare space somewhere in your home. 

  • In your home
  • In your garden
  • In a greenhouse
  • Even a spare shelf or windowsill is enough!

Shopping at GrowYourOwn

Growing your own produce the first time can be daunting. But it's easier than it seems - to make sure, we offer full telephone support to help you pick and use your products. Our experts are on hand to help from Monday to Friday.

  • Free shipping on orders over £50
  • Help choosing items
  • Ongoing product support (email, phone)
  • 30 day returns policy

How to Order

If you need help building your order, give us a call or start a live chat.

  • Check out on growyourown.co.uk
  • Call us on 0333 234 3531