EasiCoop Farm Chicken Coop

EasiCoop Farm Chicken Coop

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Description / EasiCoop Farm Chicken Coop

Even those with minimal chicken-rearing experience have something to gain from this EasiCoop Farm Chicken Coop! It allows you to expand your ‘backyard’ flock simply and safely, providing numerous benefits for the whole family. The size, price and build quality on offer will satisfy a wide variety of different people, and most importantly contribute towards happy chickens!

Comfortably housing 6-12 hens, the Farm model comes with two perches, three nest boxes, a vertical sliding door and an easy-access roof that you can remove for cleaning purposes. You’ll also find pre-drilled holes to facilitate the installation of a Chicken Guard automatic door opener, if you wish to introduce one and improve the functionality of your coop.

Product overview:

  • Accommodates 6-16 hens (up to 6-8 medium-sized chickens or 9-12 bantams)
  • Features 2x perches and 3x nest boxes
  • Opens and shuts via vertical sliding door (manual control)
  • Includes pre-drilled holes for a Chicken Guard automatic door opener
  • Comes with easy-access roof that removes for cleaning the coop
  • Uses high pressure laminate (HPL) – hygienic, insect repellent and bite proof
  • Slots together – no tools or difficult assembly required!
  • Arrives flat packed in a 121cm x 102cm x 9cm tall box, weighing 55kg
  • Measures 120cm wide x 105cm deep x 98cm tall when constructed
  • Lasts a lifetime if looked after correctly!

What’s great about keeping chickens?

One of the most popular reasons for keeping your own chickens is to produce better food. If you choose to raise your birds humanely and organically, you will get fresher meat and eggs that completely outclass supermarket products (which lack the same levels of freshness and transparency in terms of the treatment of animals).

An educational aspect exists for both adults and children too, because the whole family can learn through practice where their food originates from and how food supply works.

Furthermore, you can drastically reduce your household waste! This is not only achieved by establishing a supply of your own fresh food, but also as a result of feeding food scraps to your chickens that would normally go to landfill.

Another bonus relating to the rearing of chickens will appeal to anyone growing their own fruits and vegetables! The birds produce an extremely nutrient-dense fertiliser that brings many advantages to the average garden! 

What are the differences between chickens?

If you’re new to keeping chickens you may have heard terms banded around like ‘hybrid’ and ‘bantam’ – all these refer to is a difference in size. Bantam chickens tend to be smaller than standard or hybrid chickens. This coop, for example, can house 6-8  medium-sized chickens, while up to 12 bantams would fit spaciously. It’s also worth mentioning ‘purebred’ and ‘heritage’ chickens, which grow slightly bigger and often lay better quality eggs.

What’s the difference between a perch and a nest box?

Perches are designed with two main purposes – to give your chickens more exercise, and to protect them at night when other animals sometimes pose a threat (such as foxes and rats). Nest boxes, on the other hand, sit lower down in the coop, housing eggs and egg-laying birds in a secure environment free from dirt and droppings.

How to look after chickens?

Raising chickens is actually relatively simple! However, you can adopt certain measures to help ensure they stay 100% happy and healthy. Provide fresh feed and drinking water on a daily basis, and always thoroughly clean feeders and water bowls afterwards, aiming to fully sanitise the items at least once every 3-4 weeks. Other monthly tasks should include freshening up the nest boxes and bedding, removing droppings or broken eggs, and laying new bedding material. It’s also advisable to observe your chickens regularly, checking their feathers look smooth, their eyes appear bright, and their demeanour seems good. On a 2-3 month cycle (or if your flock gets a disease), your coop needs a deep clean to avoid infections and mites. For maximum freshness, each morning collect any eggs that have been laid.


120cm x 105cm x 98cm (height)

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