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Enhance nutrient uptake, plant health, growth & yield - use RAW Kelp 

It’s 99% Kelp extract from Ascophyllum Nodosum.

Kelp is a great all-rounder - it ramps up performance at all stages - rooting, ripening, germination - the lot. 

It’s rich in:

  • Natural growth hormones (like cytokinins)
  • Vitamins, especially B
  • Minerals and trace elements
  • Compounds that chelate nutrients, increasing nutrient absorption

It’s known that kelp has a myriad of benefits to plants.

  • Improves plant health (resistance to disease, insects, temperatures)
  • Accelerates growth (contains growth hormones)
  • Increase nutrient uptake (chelates nutrients)

How To use

  • Dilution: 0.2g - 0.4g (Grow), 0.2g - 0.4g (Bloom) per 4 Litres
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