Tropic Bat Mix

Tropic Bat Mix

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The ultimate performance soil? We think so...

Ethically sourced bat guano is one of the best sources of phosphorus there is, and Tropic Bat Mix combines an airy soil mix with this supercharged fertilizer source for a truly spectacular potting mix.

Ideal for heavy fruiting crops such as Chillis or Tomatoes, Tropic Bat Mix is a real step above garden centre compost. The results are simply miles ahead thanks to the superior structure, drainage and guano content. Fruits and Flowers will be both more abundant and grow larger thanks to the unique properties of Bat Guano. Taste is also improved massively - it's one of the easiest switches you can make for your greenhouse and the initial investment is quickly outweighed by just how much better your greenhouse will grow.

With 40% coco fibre content, the media is very light and airy and will retain this structure throughout the season. It won't compact down like many cheaper soils and gives your plant the ideal environment to put out a strong and complex root system. The remaining 60% of the bag is made up of peat and bat guano. There are no large wood chunks which help you avoid pests such as fungus gnats and the whole bag of soil will be the same nice fluffy consistency all the way through.

Thanks to the Bat Guano and other trace amendments, you definitely won't need to fertilise for the first 2-4 weeks of growing. The nutrients locked up in this soil release and break down slowly meaning it's safe to use from seedlings right through to harvest. 

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