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Soil grower? Push growth & rooting with Tropic Mix. It’s the best soil mix to use.

It’s 40% coco, 60% peat and contains both calcium & magnesium at just the right ratio (2:1)

It’ll hold a lot of water, since it’s 60% fine grade Irish peat. For strong rooting, the mix is 40% high grade coco - ithis gives it a light & airy structure.

It’s easy to dispose of once used - there’s no perlite in Tropic Mix. There are no woody bits either, to help you avoid fungus gnats!

To prevent deficiencies & enhance nutrient uptake, Tropic Mix contains an actual magnesium limestone, a rich source of calcium & magnesium! The coco has been buffered with calcium, too! All Ca & Mg is released slowly so is available to plants over 9 months.

Forget about pH dips or spikes - the peat is treated with lime to raise the pH to 6.5 (ideal). As for the coco, it’s incredibly stable. The magnesium limestone balances your pH, too!

Overall, the CF is 14 (EC 1.4). You can transplant cuttings straight into the media without shocking or over fertilising plants. 

• 60% fine grade Irish peat (holds a lot of water)
• 40% high quality coco (light & airy for rapid rooting)
• Medium fertilised, strength of CF 14 (EC 1.4)
• Highly refined with stable pH (peat treated with lime)
• Contains calcium and magnesium (at ideal ratio of 2:1)
• No perlite (easy to dispose of)
• No woody bits (avoid fungus gnats)
• Contains an actual magnesium limestone!(balances pH & adds calcium & magnesium)
• Cuttings can be transplanted straight into the media
• For first 2 weeks just add water, then on include nutrient too

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