Biobizz Light Mix Soil

Biobizz Light Mix Soil

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Description / Biobizz Light Mix Soil

Give your plants the best start in life!

Specifically designed to satisfy the delicate needs of cuttings, seedlings and young plants, Biobizz Light Mix provides the ideal foundation for growth with excellent drainage and only a small amount of nutrient content so as not tocause damage through overfeeding.

Its light, airy structure gives your roots the best environment for kick-starting development and rapid establishment. Although the product has been created to boost cuttings and seedlings, you can still grow plants all the way through the lifecycle if required – you will just need to add feeds sooner than with other, more fertilised soils.

To get the very best out of Biobizz Light Mix, we recommend using it for the very early stages of growth and in small pots. Afterwards, consider switching to larger pots, introducing a soil that features greater levels of nutrient content, such as Biobizz All-Mix or Tropic Bat Mix.

  • Features a small amount of nutrient content to satisfy young plants
  • Designed to drive development in seedlings and cuttings
  • Ideal foundation for early growth
  • Exceptional drainage properties
  • Promotes rapid root establishment
  • Perfectly fine for use from start to finish if required
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