Exolux Pro Spica LED Grow Light - 100W

Exolux Pro Spica LED Grow Light - 100W

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Description / Exolux Pro Spica LED Grow Light - 100W

The Exolux Pro Spica gives you the perfect introduction to growing plants with LED lighting. A whole new world awaits you if you’re willing to embrace this futuristic technology!

The compact and low wattage unit has been specifically designed for indoor gardening applications, producing a full spectrum of light to steer you through all of the key stages of growth – including the one that really counts, when fruits and flowers develop!

That’s right, there’s more than enough power supplied by the Spica to produce edible crops in your home! You’ll be able to try your hand at cultivating popular plants like chillies, peppers and tomatoes on a small scale (but still rewarding!), where you can hone your craft and get to grips with modern techniques whilst avoiding overcommitting or overspending.     

Alternatively if you’d rather use the Spica to get your plants off to a flying start before moving them to a garden, greenhouse or allotment for the outdoor season, this slimline LED works brilliantly as a propagation light! Equally, we can thoroughly recommend it for creating a continuous conveyer belt of leafy greens in your kitchen – which is awesome if you love lettuce and micro-herbs!   

An attached dimmer dial presents you with the unique opportunity of dropping down the light output during the earlier stages of growth when plants prove to be more delicate and less equipped to handle the full intensity. You then gradually increase the level as they strengthen up.  

The Exolux Pro Spica comfortably covers an area of 60cm x 60cm up to 90cm x 90cm. For a bigger space accommodating plants developing to a more substantial size, consider running multiple units together – e.g. in a 120cm x 120cm x 200cm tall grow tent, use 4x Spica’s (2 of the larger 220W Exolux Pro Gemini model is the optimum choice here though).

  • Low power, high output LED grow light (100W and 2.7umol per Watt)
  • Top tier Samsung 2835 & Epistar 3030 diodes with 10 year lifespan
  • Attached dimmer dial offering 20W, 40W, 60W, 80W and 100W settings
  • Ideal for propagating plants and giving them a head start for the outdoor season
  • Full spectrum lighting means you can progress from seed to harvest indoors
  • Built to last using a solid aluminium mounting board and quality components
  • Includes hanging equipment – clips and rope ratchet

Home-grown fun

Have fun learning a new skill, teaching your family about plants and putting together your very own grow space with ease.

Feed the family

A key feature of the Exolux Pro Spica is the inclusion of an onboard dimmer. This lets you manage light intensity very accurately and makes the unit a great choice for a propagation tent or for a full grow through from seed to harvest, increasing the intensity as the plant grows. These lights serve particularly well as a vegetative growth light if you are running multiple grow chambers. Ideal for getting the plants well established before moving on to a more powerful lighting environment for flowering. That said, they are more than capable of getting a plant all the way through to harvest in smaller spaces.

Easy set up

LED diodes produce heat when they are run and in the case of the Exolux Pro Spica, the robust aluminium panel conducts and dissipates this heat upwards into the top of your grow tent or grow room. As with all LED’s, there is reduced heat directed at your plant canopy but the heat does build and dissipate upwards from the unit for easy removal via your extraction system. The units do get hot to the touch, but this is completely normal – you can expect heat to be around 25-35% less than the equivalent wattage HPS units.

Why use an LED Grow Light?

Grow lights are one of the most important elements of a grow room, facilitating year-round plant cultivation indoors so that you never have to worry about seasonal weather or frosts. Whether you’re starting off your vegetables ready to move outside for their natural growing season, or looking to keep your indoor plants blossoming, grow lights offer consistent intensity and coverage of light. Full spectrum lights let you produce healthy plants with lots of foliage (when run for 18 hours a day) and an abundance of exceptional fruits and flowers (when run for 12 hours a day).

LED grow lights, in particular, are designed to evenly spread intense light using minimal power, with diodes lasting up to 10 years – great for saving energy and cutting costs! They also direct minimal amounts of heat down to your plants (and instead radiate it upwards), which is a godsend during the hotter summer months!

Exolux Pro has built an excellent reputation for releasing premium quality grow room products at affordable prices. The 100W Spica LED is robust yet lightweight, making it easy to move, handle and store away when not in use. This full spectrum system increases crop quality and improves growing time for all-season growing.

What is included with the Exolux Pro Spica 100W LED Grow Light?

  • Spica LED light fixture with Samsung 2835 and Epistar 3030 diodes
  • Mounted driver with on-board dimmer for altering light output
  • Solid aluminium mounting board for durability and heat dissipation
  • 1 x rope ratchet and 1 x set of hanging clips for convenient hanging
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • User manual

Hanging Heights

  • Propagation: Hang at 60-75cm
  • Vegetative Growth: Hang at 45-60cm
  • Flowering: Hang at 30-45cm

How Do I Hang My Exolux Pro Spica?

Both the Exolux Pro Gemini and the smaller Exolux Pro Spica have convenient cutouts in each corner of the aluminium panel. They are easily hung using 2 sets of rope ratchets per unit (one ratchet per corner).


30cm x 24cm x 4.5cm tall



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