Telos 6 Pro LED Grow Lights

Telos 6 Pro LED Grow Lights

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Description / Telos 6 Pro LED Grow Lights


With a sleeker look, more slimline shaping and increased PAR output of 2.4μmol per Watt, Telos have completely reimagined their hugely successful 6 model – which joins the illustrious 10 model as part of the premium Pro range.


Product overview:

  • 2.4μmol per Watt and a total of 420 PPF
  • Features industry-leading Osram LEDs
  • Super-efficient, energy-saving 175W unit
  • Suits 60cm x 60cm to 90cm x 90cm area
  • Cool running with no noisy fan
  • Unique holographic optics for even light distribution
  • Upgradable/replaceable LED modules
  • Lower profile design – more room for plant growth!
  • IP66 rating for protection against dust and water
  • Effective for 85,000 hours (up to 10 years)
  • Trusted components – 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • UK designed and constructed

Telos LED Grow Lights are not supplied with hanging equipment – we recommend using Exolux Pro Rope Ratchet Heavy Duty Hangers.


Low energy usage, high light output

Using only 175 Watts of energy, the Telos 6 Pro LED Grow Light produces 2.4μmol per Watt and a total of 420 PPF. This makes it incredibly efficient to run, helping to keep energy costs and heat output down to an absolute minimum, whilst ensuring you get the maximum from your plants in terms of yield when considering the power invested. During the summer, there’s no better option!   

Top of the range LED modules

Improvements in light intensity are a result of the industry leading Osram LEDs now found on board the Telos 6 Pro.  

Reprofiled to be more prolific

Perfectly suiting smaller areas – ranging from 75cm by 75cm up to 90cm by 90cm – the revised, lower profile unit lets you take advantage of extra vertical growing space as it can be located higher up in your tent or room. That said, when you need to move the light closer to your canopy, the cooler running system (up to 10°C less than the original 0006) lets you find and maintain the optimum position. And by weighing just 4 kilograms, adjustments to hanging heights can be made quickly and simply.

From a purely cosmetic viewpoint, the updated design is undoubtedly slicker with reduced bulkiness, clear optic gaskets and modern branding elements on show.

Start-to-finish LED lighting

Excellent throughout the entire plant life cycle and boasting a remarkable colour rendering index of 85CRI, the Telos 6 Pro LED Grow Light actually has a slightly wider spectrum than HPS leading to superior quality fruits and flowers.    

Quality components, UK build

The Telos 6 Pro LED grow light is designed and manufactured in the UK to incredibly high standards, with an IP66 rating for dust and water – perfect when you’ve got a hot and humid grow room! It remains incredibly effective at driving on plant growth for an astonishing 85,000 hours, or almost 10 years! This is due to proven and reliable components, such as the Meanwell Driver, that have been carefully researched and sourced before being assembled and tested in the UK. A 3 year manufacturer’s warranty comes as standard too, for that little bit of extra peace of mind.  

Inside the box you’ll find a complete fixture, a power cable and a handy instruction booklet.

Complete crop uniformity guaranteed

The holographic optics onboard a Telos 6 Pro create an even light spread with far fewer hot spots, so all of your plants get exactly what they need and grow at the same rate.

Quiet, passive cooling

To prolong its life and keep the unit quiet, there’s no noisy or temperamental fan. The Telos 6 Pro cools passively! Heat escapes upwards via a large heat sink.

Easy to upgrade

The 6 x light modules can actually be replaced and upgraded over time – an unparalleled level of flexibility that future-proofs the fixture!

Easy to link

You can link up to 10 x Telos 6 Pro’s and run them through a single power point using a H-Connector and a Link Cable (one cable required for every additional light).

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