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Description / PLANTIT (PLANT!T) YoYo

Heavy yielding plants with lots of large and tasty fruits is the main reason many growers set up and manage gardens in the first place – be it outdoors or indoors. Seriously, who doesn’t love a big and bountiful harvest!?

To help direct and support the well-developed systems of stems and branches that will enable you to realise this goal, these YoYo’s from PLANT!T really do come into their own!

Here’s a quick snapshot of the key features and benefits:

  • Keep plants upright and in position when fruits start to swell and multiply
  • Guide stems and branches away from hot spots and dark areas
  • Target available spaces where more fruits and flowers can develop
  • Open out the canopy so that light reaches lower sections of it
  • Recommended for the latter stages of veg and all of flowering
  • Strong, flexible and reusable product available in packs of 8
  • Total length of 1.7m that can be extended by joining YoYo’s together
  • Easy to clip into and out of position using just one hand
  • Adjusts and tightens as plants grow – or choose to lock in place with pin
  • Low cost item that is handy in any greenhouse or grow room

What is a YoYo?

Supplied in packs of 8, the basic YoYo device consists of a 1.7m nylon line (like fishing line) wound onto a lightly sprung, but surprisingly strong stainless steel reel, and housed inside a small UV stabilised case (protects against intense light). You’re able to hook the product onto wire or framework in a greenhouse or grow tent using one hand, and at the opposite end of it pull out and clip the angled orange hook onto the part of a plant requiring support or training. For extra length, you might even consider joining multiple devices together, which is absolutely fine!

Why choose a YoYo?

The gentle tension in a YoYo can be used to ease branches apart and guide them towards available space, allowing increased amounts of light to hit different sections of the canopy, stimulating more fruits and flowering sites. As your crop then continues to develop, the product will adjust and automatically tighten over time, removing the need for you to constantly adjust the settings. Alternatively, though, you can choose to fix it in position with a locking pin to handle particularly burdensome plants.    

When to use a YoYo?

PLANT!T YoYo’s are highly recommended towards the latter stages of the vegetative stage – when plants really start to bulk up – and throughout the entirety of the flowering stage if stems and branches start to struggle with the weight of fruits or simply require separating. At the very least, you want to have a pack or two of the supports tucked away somewhere safe just in case you suddenly spot any bending or snapping taking place amongst the canopy. On the flip side, younger plants than this typically tend to be too thin and delicate for the product – so avoid deploying it at this point. 

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