Grow Your Own Plants Kit - Hydroponics

Grow Your Own Plants Kit - Hydroponics

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Description / Grow Your Own Plants Kit - Hydroponics

Due to the knock-on effects of covid-19 lockdowns on our supply chain, we have had to source an alternative supplier for the RAM Mixed-Flow fan.

The product you will receive may be different to the image on this product page. We are currently sending out replacement fans that have very similar maximum airflow readings, but don't offer dual speed settings.


Grow your own veg indoors 365 days a year – grab this kit!

No soil is needed! Instead, plant roots grow straight into water. The included book explains how.

You’ll produce fresh vegetables, herbs & edible flowers all year round!

  • Grow indoors 365 days a year – with no soil!
  • Speed up growth
  • Increase yields 
  • Make plant management easy

You also get a book - Hydroponics for Beginners - great for teaching you how to grow indoors without soil!


1 X Maxibright Focus Remote

  • Ballast: 315W Parlux Linx 
  • Lamp: 315W Agro (930) CDM - 1.9µmol
  • Reflector: Maxibright Focus Remote 
  • More about Maxibright

1 X BAY6 Dual Purpose 160 Grow Tent

  • 75cm x 75cm x 160cm (L x W x H) 
  • 95% reflective silver mylar interior
  • Draw string ports
  • Durable canvas, corners & poles
  • Support bars for lights

1 X RAM Mixed-Flow Extraction Kit

Plug & play (no wiring) - 2 x fan speeds (165m3 or 199m3)

  • 1 x 100mm RAM Mixed-Flow Fan 
  • 1 x BAY6 Carbon Filter (100/300) 
  • 1 x 5m Combi Ducting 
  • 3 x Duct Clips

1 X NFT Gro-Tank 205 GTi

  • Bottom Tank
  • Top Tray
  • Correx Cover
  • Spare Oxy Pump
  • Gro-tank Delivery Tube
  • More on NFT

1 X Accuread PH Meter

Increase nutrient uptake with the right pH levels.

  • Handy size
  • 6 month manufacturer’s warranty
  • Batteries included

1 X Bluelab EC Pen

Measure your nutrient strength in EC or PPM Optional calibration.

  • Auto off (after 4 minutes)
  • Choose EC or PPM
  • Hold reading function
  • Low battery warning
  • 1 x AAA battery included

1 X SHOGUN Samurai Hydro (2L Grow + 2L Bloom)

  • Hydro base mineral feed
  • 8% yield increase (‘SmartZen’ additive)
  • Increases photosynthesis + uptake
  • NPK 6/2/4 (Grow), NPK 4/2/6 (Bloom) - need to find out NPK
  • Dilution rate: 2-4ml per litre 

1 X 250ml PH Down

Mix with water, then add drop by drop to your nutrient solution

  • Acidic
  • Brings pH down
  • Increases nutrient uptake

1 X Root Riot Organic Cubes (Pack Of 24)

  • Organic starter cubes
  • Fully bio-degradable
  • Ideal for transplanting to soil & coco

1 X Grodan 7.5cm Transplanting Cubes (Pack Of 8)

  • Rockwool blocks
  • Ideal for hydro growers
  • Transplant to Grodan Transplanting Cubes (large hole)

2 X Exolux Pro Rope Ratchets

  • Flexible & easy to use
  • 2 hangers per pack
  • Hold 68kg (easily holds Parlux CDM Light)

1 X Heavy Duty Lighting Timer & Contactor

  • Control light On/Off times
  • Plug & play
  • Mechanical timer 

5m Chain + 5 X S Hooks

  • For hanging extraction

About The Parlux Linx CDM

You get a high PAR output & broad light spectrum over a small, focused area with this light. 


315W Parlux Linx Temperature Controlled Ballast

Connects to a Parlux Linx Master Controller.

As a digital ballast, it uses 3 – 4 % less energy than a magnetic one. This really reduces running costs. To keep costs down further, there’s soft-start tech. This means there are no power surges – this prolongs the life of your lamps.

Philips 930W Agro CDM Lamp

Broad spectrum, High PAR (1.9µmol per Watt)

The lamp’s spectrum is incredibly close to sunlight with lots of UVA & UVB. With a spectrum like that, you get bigger, bushier plants with more flowering sites.

Plants also produce more essential oils, to intensify size, taste & aroma

Maxibright Focus Reflector - Remote

You get a narrow footprint – light is focused down towards your canopy.

Maxibright ran some tests and found you get 21.46% more light on target than if you use a standard Maxibright Daylight Reflector

It’s ideal when using a CDM as a standalone light in a small tent.   

About NFT

NFT is for ‘nutrient film technique’.

It’s where bare plant roots grow along a tray. A  thin stream oxygen-rich nutrient solution is constantly pumped over bare plant roots 24/7.

Roots get almost unrestricted access to oxygen, water & nutrients. Growth is incredible! You get bigger, healthier growing plants that produce a heavier yield.

It’s no wonder commercial growers worldwide go NFT!

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