Grow Your Own 8 Plants Kit – Hydroponics

Grow Your Own 8 Plants Kit – Hydroponics

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Description / Grow Your Own 8 Plants Kit – Hydroponics


It might seem a little futuristic, but growing with hydroponics isn’t that dissimilar to the traditional soil-based method! Impress your friends and produce your own edible crops all year round using this complete hydro grow kit. Designed for indoor applications, you’ll be wowed by the speed of growth and quality of fruit, vegetables or herbs that can be achieved. 

Kit includes every product you’ll need to progress from start to finish, just add seeds and water!    


  • Covers an area of 120cm x 240cm x 200cm (L x W x H)
  • 3 x 400W grow lights – 2 x HPS for yields, 1 x Halide for quality
  • Energy-free, gravity-fed AutoPot System automatically feeds plants
  • Features hugely popular SHOGUN nutrients and Tropic media    



3 X 400W UltraVivid Light System

  • Ballast: 3x 400W UltraVivid Magnetic Ballast
  • Lamp: 2x 400W UltraVivid HPS Lamp + 1x 400W Sunmaster Metal Halide Lamp
  • Reflector: 3x BAY6 Euro Reflector

1 X BAY6 XXL Tent

  • 120cm x 240cm x 200cm (L x W x H)
  • Silver interior: 95% reflective silver mylar
  • Strong frame: metal poles + plastic corners
  • Easy access: multiple draw string ports

1 X Eco Extraction Kit

  • 1 x RVK150L1 Extractor Fan  
  • 1 x Power Cable 
  • 1 x BAY6 Carbon Filter (150/600)
  • 1 x 5m Combi Ducting
  • 3 x Duct Clips

1 X 8-Plant AutoPot

  • Energy free, gravity fed system that automatically tops up your plants with nutrient solution when they need it
  • Low cost - no power needed
  • Quiet - no noisy pump
  • Expandable - pots are modular
  • 15L pot capacity

3 X Tropic 70/30 CocoMix - 50L

  • 70% Coco with 30% Perlite
  • Highly fertile - 1% added Ecothrive Charge
  • Tough to overwater - this mix drains well
  • Airy structure gives roots access to oxygen - expect rapid rooting

1 X 10L SHOGUN Samurai Coco (5L Part A + 5L Part B)

  • Coco base mineral feed
  • 8% yield increase (‘SmartZen’ additive)
  • Stops false drain ('AquaZen' additive)
  • Increases photosynthesis + uptake
  • NPK 3/0/0 (Part A), NPK 6.3/2.3/4.5 (Part B) 
  • Dilution rate: 2-4ml per litre 

1 X Root Riot Organic Cubes (Pack Of 24)

  • Organic starter cubes
  • Fully bio-degradable
  • Ideal for transplanting to soil & coco

1 X 250ml PH Down

  • pH adjustment solution specifically for use in hydroponics
  • Keep nutrients at an accessible range for your plants
  • Ideal pH range is typically 5.5-6.5
  • Add a few drops of pH Down if your pH is too high

1 X Accuread pH Meter

  • Effectively read pH levels
  • Handy size
  • Batteries included

1 X Bluelab EC/CF Pen

  • Measures CF/EC and nutrient temperature
  • Choose your units: °C, °F, EC, CF, ppm 500 and ppm 700
  • Fully waterproof
  • 1 x AAA battery included

1 X Control Freak Single Fan Controller

  • Automatically adjust fan speed (3m temp sensor included)
  • 1°C temp changes 
  • 50 speed settings

1 X Eco-Technics Four Light Timer Contactor

  • Protects your timer from failing
  • Up to 3 x 600W or 4 x 400W per contactor

1 X Heavy Duty Lighting Timer & Contactor

  • Control light On/Off times
  • Plug & play
  • Mechanical timer 

3 X Exolux Pro Rope Ratchets

  • Flexible & easy to use
  • 2 hangers per pack
  • Hold 68kg (easily holds a BAY6 Euro Reflector)

5m Chain + 5 X S Hooks

  • For hanging extraction

1 X 5ml Pipette + 1 X 50ml Syringe

  •  Measuring equipment for nutrients
  • Enable you to administer precise dosages
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