PLANTIT (PLANT!T) Herb Garden System

PLANTIT (PLANT!T) Herb Garden System

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Description / PLANTIT (PLANT!T) Herb Garden System

Home-grown herbs couldn’t be simpler!

Our dedicated countertop PLANT!T Herb Garden is the perfect solution for green fingers lacking garden space! This handy all-in-one-system is compact, self-watering and easy to manage, keeping your favourite herbs, lettuces and small flowering plants growing happy and healthy - even in winter.

Freshness at Your Fingertips

The PLANT!T Herb Garden is the ideal size for kitchen worktops and windowsills, allowing your freshly-grown herbs to be within reaching distance year-round. Say goodbye to seasonal.

High-Tech, Low Maintenance

A tidy, all-in-one system that boasts self-watering wick-growing and built-in LED lights, for the ultimate in low-maintenance gardening.

No Need to Waste Thyme

With a removable pot made for simple planting, harvesting and cleaning, and a self-maintaining system, the PLANT!T Herb Garden is easy to manage, with minimal gardening expertise required.

Smiles All Round

This herb garden is sure to keep the whole family happy, with fresher air, a brighter home, and more delicious dishes – plus growing plants can be a great activity to do together!


  • Product Dimension: L325 x W150 x H330 mm
  • Dimmable LED light built-in (full spectrum)
  • Self-watering via a wick system – no over- or under-feeding
  • Removable pot for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Input voltage 24V DC
  • Power 7.5W
  • IP rating IP20

How does it work?

The PLANT!IT Herb Garden uses a simple wick system; your herbs sit in a tray just above a tank of water, using wicks to allow the plants to absorb a nutrient solution from the tank. This works similarly to the way sponges work – drawing water from a wet surface to a drier one.

Wick systems don’t need complicated pumps or timers, making them very easy to manage, and they ensure your greenery absorbs exactly what they need, when they need it – so no over- or underfeeding, or complex feeding schedules. The water tank even has a handy water-level indicator so that you know exactly when to top up.

To give your plants full-spectrum, the built-in LED lights switch between white and purple, and can be dimmed or boosted to your needs, guaranteeing growth every time.

We know you’ll love growing your own produce - and if it sounds complicated, rest assured it couldn’t be simpler.

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