MycoBox King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

MycoBox King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

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Description / MycoBox King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit

Home-grown mushrooms made easy!

With an all-in-one MycoBox King Oyster Mushroom Growing Kit, you’ll have freshly-grown mushrooms at your fingertips! Simply activate a kit when you’re ready to grow, rest on a shelf out of direct sunlight for around 4-6 weeks, and you’ll have 30g-70g of edible, organic mushrooms.

A protein-packed, versatile veggie, mushrooms are not only rich in vitamin C, they also serve as a delicious accompaniment or meat replacement in any meal. Mushrooms actually produce CO2 too – meaning they can be placed near other household plants to help them grow!

Which mushrooms can I grow?

MycoBox have two options available –  Golden Oyster Kit and King Oyster Kit. The King Oyster mushrooms have larger caps, thicker stems and a more classic mushroom shape, while Golden Oyster mushrooms are yellow in colour and more delicate than King Oyster. Both kits come with the same supplies and promise to get you off to a great start with your mushroom growing!

1. Activate

Swab 4 equally-spaced injection sites with alcohol around the top of the MycoBox (close to the edge), then inject each of the 4 holes with 2.5ml of the mushroom culture spawn. Try to inject the solution as close as possible to the edge - pushing straight down - and be careful not to twist the syringe while injecting as it can become blocked. Quickly tape over the holes, covering any cracks.

2. Incubate

Incubate your MycoBox in a warm, dark place (26-28C is ideal), waiting a few days for small white spots of mushroom mycelium to start growing. Do not place in direct contact with heat – or too close to a heat mat – or the mycelium will dry out and the mushrooms will not sprout. Wait 2-3 weeks until the box contents turn completely white (other than the small, dry, top layer).

3. Wait

Pour the contents of the vermiculite bag into the fruiting tray, adding ½ a cup of boiling water. Close the lid and leave for a couple of hours to fully cool. After cooling, gently open the lid just enough to drain any excess water, then remove the lid completely and invert the microbox so that it gently drops out onto the tray. Place the tray and its’ contents inside a plastic bag and secure the top with tape or paper clips. Leave somewhere light and warm (around 22-24C) without direct sunlight, for a further 2-3 weeks until your mushrooms appear. You can pick the mushrooms as soon as the caps begin to open - and if you add a little more water and reseal the bag again at this stage, you should be able to produce a couple more crops from your kit.

What’s included in your kit:

  • 1 x sterile rice cake
  • 1 x fruiting tray with vermiculite bag
  • 1 x humidity tent
  • 1 x swab for preparing your injection sites
  • 10ml mushroom culture spawn in a handy syringe
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