Insecto Smoke Bombs

Insecto Smoke Bombs

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Is there anything worse than walking into your greenhouse only to be confronted by a horde of bugs munching away on your precious plants? Fight back with an Insecto Smoke Bomb!

Perfect for use in any contained growing area such as a greenhouse, polytunnel or grow tent, Insecto Smoke bombs are advised before adding any plants into a growing space, for example at the start of the season following winter, or before moving small plants into a final growing space. You can make sure that any bugs that may be hiding out waiting for plants are taken care of before your plants go into their final growing space

Once activated, the Inecto Smoke Bomb releases a mix of Permethrin and Potassium Chlorate fumes into your grow room to kill insects and mites over a 16 hour period.

It's a great way of sterilising your greenhouse or polytunnel between crops. Each smoke bomb treats areas up to 80 cubic metres.

We don't recommend using smoke bombs when plants are growing in your greenhouse. for mid crop pest problems, we suggest using any of our range of pest control sprays or natural predators depending upon your pest. We also recommend that you keeps pets and children away from the greenhouse while the smoke bomb does its work, and also that you make sure you give the product time to do its job before going back in. 16 hours is recommended after activating the product.

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