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Fight almost all pest problems quickly, easily and safely with a nematodes.

They’re harmless to you and your plants, but parasitic to most grow room pests.

A single pack treats 1,000L of growing media (media drench), or a 10m2 area (foliar spray).

Nematodes are fast-acting and easy to use. Once applied, nematodes remain active for 6 weeks!

There are 10 million nematodes of two different species per pack! Together, they’ll treat:

Sciarid fly larvae, cabbage root fly, thrips, carrot root fly, shore flies, cabbage root fly, leaf miner, ants, caterpillars, cutworms, gooseberry sawfly, coding moth, leatherjackets, onion fly.

There’s no chance of overdosing, so don’t be shy – it’s better to buy too many and eradicate your problem once and for all 

  • 10,000,000 nematodes per pack
  • Treats 1,000L of media (media drench), or 10m2 area (foliar spray)
  • 2 nematode species to fight most pests
  • Easy to apply, quick to work
  • Active for up to 6 weeks
  • Harmless to you and your plants
  • No risk of over-applying

What Are Nematodes?

Nematodes are tiny roundworms that are naturally found in all healthy soils.. They’re harmless to you and your plants, but parasitic to most grow room pests.

You can use them to quickly, easily and safely combat most pest problems.

When watered into your media, the nematodes seek out a host by swimming in the thin film of water that clings to particles in your growing media. For this reason, it’s important that your media stays moist (not too wet).

Nematodes are active in temperatures as low as 4oC, but work better in temperatures higher than 14oC. 

Nematodes are naturally found in all healthy soils.

How To Use

You’ll need one pack for every 1,000L of growing media.

Media drench

Make sure your growing media is moist (but not too wet) with an open structure and temperature of 14oC.

Hand watering:

  • Mix each pack with at least 10L of water and agitate until well mixed
  • We recommend using a low pressure mixing pump (e.g. MaxiJet 500) but a large spoon or stick is fine
  • Use at least 100ml of the solution for each plant, pouring evenly over the growing media
  • Remember, you can’t overdose

Irrigation system

  • Empty the tank and flush the irrigation lines with water
  • Remove any mesh filters
  • Make sure your dripper has a diameter of at least 1mm
  • Mix each pack with at least 10L of water
  • Add a mixing pump to the tank to constantly agitate the solution
  • Once the tank’s empty, immediately flush lines with water so all nematodes reach the growing media


Use 1 pack to treat 10 square metres

  • Mix the pack with no more than 10L of water
  • Keep the solution agitated with a submersible pump
  • Transfer the solution to a sprayer
  • Spray 1L per square metre
  • Use the sprayer on a large droplet setting so you don’t kill nematodes

Can be used with Fungus Gnat Off and Hyopaspis miles.


  • Keep your media moist so nematodes can swim and seek out hosts
  • Make sure your growing media temperature is kept between 14oC – 26oC
  • Add as soon as you see the first sign of pests
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