Spider Mite Predator Bottles

Spider Mite Predator Bottles

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Note: We cannot guarantee next day delivery for this item. As Spider Mite Predators are living organisms, they’re only delivered to us on Wednesdays and sold on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Halt the bug invasion! Treat Spider Mite infestations with their natural predators.

Each bottle contains small, orange-red predatory mites that snack on Spider Mites.

These predators are harmless to plants, but they actively hunt, attack and eliminate spider mites. They’ve been used to fight infestations for over 45 years!

Just remember that these mites are used to treat infestations. To prevent infestations, use Spider Mite Predator Sachets instead.

• Spider Mite Predators (phytoseiulus persimilis)
• Used to treat infestations
• Harmless to plants
• Used for over 45 years!


How To Use

  • Veg: 5 - 10 mites per m
  • Flowering: 10 - 20 mites per m2 

Sprinkle the contents around your room and leave the open bottle at the base of plants.

It can take up to 16 hours for predators to become active. In flowering, when there's less light, some predators may stay in hybernation, which is why you need twice the amount of predators you'd use in veg. 

Note: We only recommend having this item shipped to mainland UK locations. We cannot guarantee the live predators would survive when being shipped to offshore locations.

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