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<p>For <b>strong, healthy, white roots</b> in <b>soil </b>and <b>hydro systems</b>, get a bottle of Healthy Root today! You can safely use it throughout your grow.</p> <p>It uses a <b>100% natural bacteria</b> to <b>restore the microbial balance</b> and <b>boost nutrient availability.</b></p> <p>Better yet, it helps create <b>conditions that are unfavourable for fungi</b>, giving your plants the chance to recover and grow fresh roots.&nbsp; Beneficial bacteria <i>will not</i> be harmed, and your soil <i>will not</i> be sterilised.</p> <p>You can use it to help <b>prevent & fight bacterial and fungal root infections </b>that cause <b>root rot</b> <b>(Pythium)</b>.</p> <p>&bull; <strong>100% natural</strong> product, great<strong> for organic growers</strong><br />&bull; Aims to<strong> restore microbial balance</strong> in root zone<br />&bull; Helps <strong>prevent & control root diseases</strong>, like Pythium<br />&bull; Helps <strong>make conditions unfavourable for fungi</strong><br />&bull; <strong>Does not harm your root zone</strong> or beneficial bacteria<br />&bull; Safe to <strong>use throughout your growing cycle</strong><br />&bull; Excellent in<strong> soil, hydro systems</strong> and for <strong>pre-soaking rockwool cubes</strong></p>
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