Chempak Bonsai Fertiliser

Chempak Bonsai Fertiliser

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Description / Chempak Bonsai Fertiliser

Make sure that your beautiful Bonsai Tree gets the right nutrition with Chempak Bonsai Tree Fertilizer.

Bonsai trees, thanks to the relatively small containers in which they are grown rely entirely on the grower to provide the right levels of food to keep the tree healthy and pest resistant. The trees' nutrient requirements will change through the growing seasons, but this fantastic fertiliser has been developed specifically for the needs of a Bonsai plant, so you just need to manage the frequency that you add feed throughout the year. During spring and summer when the tree is actively growing, you should look to use feed once per week, whereas in winter where the plant is barely growing at all, this can be reduced to once per month.

Normal houseplant fertilisers are not ideal for Bonsai trees as the roots are easily damaged by higher strength feeds. Chempak Bonsai Tree Fertilizer has been developed to be just right. Water soluble and high in Phosphates, Chempak Bonsai tree Fertilizer also includes a wide range of trace elements that really help with overall tree health and vigour. (N:P:K - 10:30:30)

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