Chempak Lawn Green Fertiliser

Chempak Lawn Green Fertiliser

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Description / Chempak Lawn Green Fertiliser

Chempak Lawn Green Fertiliser is a high nitrogen (40%) soluble lawn feed for rapid greening of smaller lawns. The nitrogen content coming primarily from urea. Being soluble it is easy to apply by watering can, and/or hose end dilutors. Ideal for spring use.

(N:P:K - 39:5:5)  

When to use: Ideal for Spring and Summer use to up mid-September. Later use during autumn will promote growth which is not encouraged as the emphasis should be on hardening up growth and encouraging roots for next spring. 

How to use: Chempak Lawn Green is supplied with a measure and makes application by watering can simple. It is suggested to use canes to mark out the area to be treated and ensure an even distribution.

Apply at a rate of 9g (1/4oz) per sq m. Pack contains sufficient for 170 sq m (186 sq yd). Use when the lawn looks faded and yellow or feed monthly from April to September to keep the lawn rich and green.

NOTE: Chempak Lawn Green is free from weed killers and is therefore safe for humans and all wildlife. Pets and children need not be kept off treated areas. If necessary a selective weed killer would need to be applied as a separate treatment.

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