Orchid Focus Grow

Orchid Focus Grow

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Description / Orchid Focus Grow

  • Dilution rate: 2.5ml / Litre
  • NPK: 2.2-1.2-2.1
  • Ideal for any growing media
  • Suitable for most orchid species & hybrids
  • Approved by the Eric Young Orchid Foundation

Orchid Focus Grow is designed specifically for orchids during growth. You can use it on most species and hybrids for healthy root, shoot and leaf growth.

It contains all 14 essential elements for healthy, vigorous growth, It’s also enriched with seaweed & humic acid to enhance nutrition & long term soil fertility. It also has the extra magnesium that orchid plants need.

It’s high in nitrogen. All nitrogen is in the form of gentle nitrates - there’s no urea or ammonia.

  • Contains all 14 essential elements for healthy vigorous growth
  • Enriched with seaweed & humic acid to enhance nutrition & long term soil fertility
  • Contains extra magnesium for orchids
  • Enhances leaf and shoot production
  • Nitrates only - no urea, no ammonia
  • For best results, use alongside Orchid Bloom in flowering.
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