PLANTIT (PLANT!T) Fruit Booster

PLANTIT (PLANT!T) Fruit Booster

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Description / PLANTIT (PLANT!T) Fruit Booster


Get bigger, juicer fruit with PLANT!T Fruit Booster - a brilliant PK Booster. 

Plants get a hit of readily available phosphorus & potassium, enabling them to push out heavier, denser fruit - all without stressing plants or creating too high of an EC. 

It also contains magnesium & sulfates so plants can utilise all the extra P & K

Overall, PLANT!T Fruit Booster accelerates the reproductive process - it encourages plants to redirect more energy to fruiting & flowering

Use this to enhance your yield size & quality - it’s good stuff! You can use it throughout flowering. 

  • PK flowering booster
  • Increases yield and taste of all crops
  • Accelerates reproductive processes, more energy goes into flowering & fruiting
  • Use throughout bloom, alongside your main nutrient feed
  • Contains magnesium & sulphate which aid  phosphorus & potassium uptake


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