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The brilliant Botanium System is one of the best ways for you and your family to get your hands on a small supply of fresh food, all from the comfort of your own home!

There are loads of benefits to owning one of these stylish hydroponics setups, with arguably the biggest draw being more productive plants, leading to earlier harvests and an increased number of crops between January and December! The act of growing indoors also sees you gain a greater degree of control over many important factors (e.g. temperature).  

Whatever you choose to nurture in your Botanium System – which could include the likes of basil, chillies and/or strawberries – will be kept suitably fed and watered, surviving several weeks left unattended if required. The soil-less hydroponics method enables roots to absorb as much water as they need to develop healthily whilst also providing an oxygen-rich environment for optimum growth. This means you have the ability to go about your life without the worries and stresses of repotting, overwatering and generally mistreating plants!

So why not introduce your family to fresh homegrown food that they can all get excited about growing and eating? With the Botanium System, the dream of instant access to high quality fruit and vegetables for 365 days of the year starts to become a reality!

What can you grow in the Botanium System?

  • Chillies: what makes chillies so rewarding to grow is that even a small amount can last you a very long time – whereas something like strawberries are typically eaten quicker than they grow!
  • Tomatoes: a very popular fast-growing choice with lots of variants that simply thrive in hydroponic setups – including the Botanium System!
  • Basil: another quick-to-develop crop that is great for impatient growers! Because it requires a lot of water, the Botanium System works perfectly, delivering frequent and even feeds.
  • Others: we also recommend rocket, thyme, oregano, strawberries, mint and much, much more!

How does the Botanium System work?

The Botanium System uses hydroponics to grow your plants without the use of any soil, saving you from the mess of constant repotting and watering!

There are 3 simple steps to setting up this product:

Step 1: Filll the water tank and add nutrients

Step 2: Fill the top with the growing medium and plant your seeds

Step 3: Plug the botanium stystem in and let you plant grow on its own

What's Included with the Botanium System?

Everything is supplied for a quick and easy installation, including the Botanium System, growing medium, liquid nutrients, USB wall plug and a user guide.


136mm x 250mm

Important Note:

For indoor use only.

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