Eazy Plug Flood And Drain System

Eazy Plug Flood And Drain System

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Whether you’re a first-time gardener or a green-fingered master, an Eazy Plug Flood And Drain System will give you a perfect start-to-finish growing solution. Providing a rapid growth and ultra-efficient setup, both the 4-plant and 9-plant kits successfully manage to bring together all the benefits of air-pruning and hydroponics so you can tap into a huge amount of power! And they don’t just look funky for the sake of it either – we’ve seen tomatoes and basil literally explode into life with these products!

What is air pruning?

Air pruning triggers phenomenal root growth by facilitating a tiny amount of beneficial contact between the roots and the air. This relies on the use of a “breathable” container, typically either being a fine fabric material pot (e.g. RhizoPots) or a solid plastic pot with strategically placed slots and holes (e.g. Air-Pots). Air-pruned plants tend to develop much quicker and give you more yield due to the improved overall structure of the root zone. Eazy Plug Flood And Drain Systems deliver the same benefits but do things slightly differently… using Eazy Pyramids! We’ll cover these in greater detail later on!

What is hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a soilless growing method that uses water, air and nutrients to keep your plants alive and thriving! Hydroponic systems mimic traditional soil-based methods of gardening by circulating dissolvable nutrients in the water around the roots of plants. There are several types of hydroponic techniques, with flood and drain representing one of the most popular. It involves the periodic flooding and draining of inert media and is known for producing high-yielding plants and also having a low impact on the environment (through efficient application of water and nutrients). Both of the Eazy Plug Flood And Drain Systems employ this technology to full effect and won’t disappoint!

How does the Eazy Plug Flood And Drain System actually work?

Using Eazy Pyramids – a unique and non-restrictive alternative to traditional pots and containers – the Eazy Plug Flood And Drain Systems allow for air-pruning action to happen combined with regular scheduled sessions of flooding and draining of nutrient solution, creating the ultimate oxygenated root environment! This frees your plants to grow at a substantial rate, for better health and bigger yields, and requires around 20% less nutrients.

Simply place the Eazy Pyramids on the top tray (your plants should be established in Eazy Blocks and placed on top of the pyramids), and the nutrient reservoir will flood from the reservoir into the top tray at selected times (timer sold separately). Each of the pyramids acts as a wick, to draw up the nutrient solution into the roots. The nutrient solution then drains back into the reservoir to re-mix with the remaining feed, and the process continues. These Eazy Plug Flood And Drain Systems are incredibly easy to assemble and operate, and can be placed almost anywhere, from a spare room, garage or loft to a designated greenhouse.

What are the benefits of an Eazy Plug Flood And Drain System?

  • Highly oxygenated root zone due to hybrid growing method
  • Increased efficiency and greater levels of control, feeding plants little and often to use less nutrients and decrease crop cycle times
  • Large root surface area to aid nutrient uptake
  • Low-level set-up to maximise available plant space
  • Entirely self-contained system, with no liquid leaks or light penetration
  • Top tray designed to ensure optimum feeding without plant saturation
  • Eazy Pyramids consist of 100% compostable organic material, made from a mixture of peat, coco fibre and fertiliser, supplied with optimal pH and EC values
  • Plastic systems have been made tough and durable to handle weight of water and plants
  • Scheduled feeds can be easily adapted to account for different stages of the plant life cycle (separate timer required)


  • Eazy Plug 4-Plant System: 80cm x 80cm x 28cm (height)
  • Eazy Plug 9-Plant System: 100cm x 100cm x 28cm (height)
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