PLANTIT (PLANT!T) Gemini System

PLANTIT (PLANT!T) Gemini System

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Description / PLANTIT (PLANT!T) Gemini System

Ready to give hydroponics a go for the first time and trying to find a suitable system? Or maybe you’re a seasoned soilless grower that hasn’t experienced the benefits of a recirculating dripper before? Either way, we recommend looking at the PLANT!T Gemini! You’ll be very impressed with the results – especially for long term plants or specimens like most chillies, peppers and tomatoes. Dedicated feeds for these crops are available from us too, including PLANT!T Hydro Chilli & Pepper Feed and PLANT!T Hydro Tomato Feed, so you can grow your favourite fruits hydroponically with complete confidence!

The standalone, single pot PLANT!T Gemini is quick to put together, takes up little space and easily moves from one spot to another when required. It principally relies upon the drip irrigation technique, whereby a plant receives a continuous trickle of nutrient solution from a drip ring situated just above the clay pebble growing media. Roots absolutely love the constant access to water, feed and oxygen, pushing performance far beyond what you can achieve by hand. This leads to fast growth rates and big yields! Recirculating the solution also increases efficiency in terms of water usage and cost-effectiveness relating to the speed of nutrient consumption.   

More adventurous and experimental growers might even want to consider introducing DWC equipment (air pump, air line and an air stone) at some point to transform the PLANT!T Gemini System into a dripper and bubbler hybrid. The drip ring promises to take care of a plant while it becomes established, then once the roots have developed and pushed through the clay pebbles, they will be able to access the aerated nutrient solution as well. From here, you can expect major improvements to nutrient uptake, root health and overall growth.                  


Summary of Gemini features and benefits:

  • Great yields – better than hand watering, as more nutrients are provided to the roots
  • More efficient – uses far less water than traditional pot grown soil plants
  • Flexible – plants can be moved around as each PLANT!T Gemini is a standalone system
  • Rapid growth – up to 3x faster than soil-grown plants

How does a PLANT!T Gemini System go together?

The PLANT!T Gemini System consists of a single, standard pot-sized tank and the pot itself – both of which boast an 18L capacity. You fill the pot with PLANT!T Clay Pebbles to support the plant and enable it to grow, using the conveniently supplied 10L bag of media. The pot sits directly above the tank that stores your nutrient solution – we recommend opting for PLANT!T Hydro Chilli & Pepper Feed or PLANT!T Hydro Tomato Feed if you’re using the system to grow one of these respective plants.

How does a PLANT!T Gemini System work?

The nutrient solution is slowly but continuously pumped up and out of the drip ring that sits above the growing media, working its way through the pebbles to feed the roots and provide oxygen for them as part of the process. What liquid your plant doesn’t absorb returns to the tank below, ready to be recirculated. Nicely done!

What are the standout features of the PLANT!T Gemini System?

For a pretty simple-looking system, there’s actually quite a surprising number of smart features on the PLANT!T Gemini. These include the following:

Water level indicator

The large, easy-to-see water level indicator has been built into the front of the tank so that you can instantly gauge the amount of nutrient solution available to the plant at any particular time.

Inspection port with detachable cover

The detachable front cover over the inspection port enables you to swiftly carry out top ups of the nutrient solution as well as pH and CF/EC testing. You can whip the cover off and put a meter straight into the tank without encountering obstacles.

Floor insert for changing bed depth

A floor insert is provided with the system that can be placed in the pot if you want a shallower bed depth for your media (converting it to a 10L setup) and greater tank volume for your nutrient solution – perfectly suiting the creation of a dripper/bubbler hybrid setup. Alternatively, remove the floor insert and increase the media volume. It’s totally up to you!

Laser cut holes on the drip ring

You’d be surprised how many systems like this don’t have laser cut holes on the drip ring. The PLANT!T Gemini is all about precision here, which helps to prevent blockages sometimes caused by the prolonged distribution of mineral-based nutrients.


36.5cm x 36cm x 34.5cm (tall)


The PLANT!T Gemini System comes with a pump, fittings and 10L of clay pebbles.

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