Vegepod Raised Garden Bed

Vegepod Raised Garden Bed

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Description / Vegepod Raised Garden Bed

Grow a wide selection of fresh and healthy herbs, lettuce, vegetables and more in your very own stylish, easy to manage, fully contained and self-watering Vegepod Raised Bed System!

Whether situated on a front or back lawn, a paved area, or a balcony, you can utilise this unique enclosed environment that’s up off the ground and away from pests to control exactly how plants develop as well as the quality of crops they deliver.   

So don’t just imagine picking leafy salad greens for a light lunch or carrots, onions, cauliflower and broccoli for a family dinner, set up a Vegepod and make it happen!

Reasons to get excited by Vegepods:

  • One of the easiest and most effective ways to sustainably grow your own food
  • Big in size (raised garden bed), yet small in terms of maintenance
  • Extends growing seasons – harvests all year round are a possibility
  • Accelerates plant growth and improves crop quality
  • Watering only required during the early stages of plant development – administered via inbuilt high volume spray(s) and wicking bed system (standard hose connection)
  • Protects plants from pests, animals, weeds, adverse weather and UV
  • Commercial grade canopy retains warmth and lets the right amount of light, air and rain enter the growing area
  • Easy to assemble and fill without the use of tools
  • Soil is safe from contamination and able to drain thanks to overflow holes
  • Suitable for almost any surface when kept level
  • Optional stands position systems at a height that will save your back and knees
  • Durable, recyclable and constructed from food safe materials
  • Improves nutrient control and stops other plants (e.g. trees) accessing feed
  • Portable design allows for quick and simple changes to the position of a unit
  • 3 different sizes of system available   


Choice of system

Vegepod Small Raised Bed System: 50cm x 100cm x 103cm tall, with a growing depth of 26cm, requiring 2x 50L bags of media.

Vegepod Medium Raised Bed System: 100cm x 100cm x 103cm tall, with a growing depth of 26cm, requiring 5x 50L bags of media.

Vegepod Large Raised Bed System: 200cm x 100cm x 103cm tall, with a growing depth of 26cm, requiring 10x 50L bags of media.


Optional Stand

Raise your Vegepod 80cm above the ground for pain-free gardening at waist height. The frame consists of galvanised and powder-coated steel, with stainless steel bolts, ensuring that the overall stand is weatherproof, sturdy and long-lasting. Requires basic assembly – no tools necessary. 1 year warranty.

They’re better for your health

Gardening is a great hobby, but spending too much time crouched over on the ground won’t do your knees or back any favours. Fortunately, by using a Vegepod system and stand, you can place plants at a much more suitable working height, which will enable you to enjoy every aspect of tending to them from a comfortable position.   

They’re better for your soil

Soil quality is hugely important to the success of your growing endeavours. With a Vegepod, you’ve got the ability to select a premium grade soil for use in the self-contained system, where it’ll stay safe and secure from contamination. Sadly, the same can’t be said about soil in the ground.   

Vegepods require less soil than a standard raised bed of the same dimensions, so you’ll get more from it on a like-for-like basis and save a bit of money too by not needing as much of the growing media!

They’re harder for pests to attack

Lifting your plants off the ground also makes it much harder for bugs to gain access to them, encouraging the uninvited guests to look elsewhere for something easier to eat. On top of this, the permeable mesh cover serves as a perfect barrier against flying insects and birds (as well as UV and harsh weather!). The combination of the height and the cover eliminates the need for pest sprays, giving you wholesome harvests in return!

They’re smarter at managing water

Even during periods of heavy rain, Vegepods are able to handle excess water in a very effective and efficient manner thanks to the included drainage and over flow holes. Compare this to plants in the ground, that may experience issues brought on by flooding such as a weakening of structure or rot, and there’s no real competition.

For your average day-to-day feeds, Vegepods employ a high volume spray and wicking system to irrigate plants from above and below. The self-regulated setups ensure you don’t give out too much or too little at any stage, and instead deliver an optimum watering each and every time.  

They’re season extending

By creating a self-contained growing environment that retains heat, waters itself, drains well and gets the best out of your soil, you can look to extend the standard outdoor growing season and also experiment with when you plant your different varieties of fruit and veg. If you’re a new gardener, a Vegepod proves to be very flexible and forgiving!  

They’re portable

Need to move your Vegepod to a different spot in the garden (to keep in the sun as the months go on) or even an entirely new residence? No problem! Take the system off of its stand (assuming you’re using one) and relocate to the desired location. For a new house, the system and stand will pack down for easier transportation.

Now we consider why you’d select a Vegepod Raised Bed System over other competing options:

Why choose a Vegepod over pots and containers?

If you’re struggling for space in your garden or only have paved areas, you might be considering adding some pots and/or containers. Even if you do have a large green space, these can still be one of the best ways to grow herbs and vegetables – or even flowers – without having to dig up your garden. 

A Vegepod offers that little bit more than pots and containers by ensuring there is adequate drainage (thanks to the inbuilt drainage and reservoir system) and by making the best use of the nutrition within your soil (thanks to the integrated wicking system – which recycles nutrients from good compost and initial fertiliser back up through the water reservoirs and wicking bed).  

Why choose a Vegepod over a greenhouse?

Are you in need of a covered garden and can’t decide on a suitable greenhouse? Maybe you should actually be looking at a Vegepod?   

With greenhouses, you’re unable to grow plants where you stand or walk. They can be quite costly to buy and maintain, and may even require groundwork (further expenditure) prior to construction. You’ll often need heating equipment and fans to tackle temperature extremities. Reduced moisture in the air tends to dry out the soil in a faster manner, demanding more frequent watering of plants. And, diseases spread quickly and easily in the confined space.   

Alternatively, you could use a number of Vegepods to cover the same area as a greenhouse and for less of the price. Thanks to the permeable mesh, optimum growing conditions are achieved – soil is moist and light whilst air and some rain can pass through the canopy to boost plant performance. It also protects against harsh weather conditions and pests. Not to mention pulling over the cover instantly creates the greenhouse effect. You can even elevate your garden using a stand to tend to plants at a more pleasing height.

Unlike a greenhouse, going inside a Vegepod isn’t really an option – but who wants to subject themselves to a hot and humid environment anyway?

Why choose a Vegepod over a polytunnel?

The cover for a polytunnel can sometimes need replacing in as little as 4 to 5 years, and it isn’t a particularly cheap or easy job. Issues will arise from birds pecking, cats and dogs scratching and causing rips and tears, and bright sunlight causing deterioration. Ventilation may also prove to be tricky to control and get right due to increased humidity. Likewise the watering of plants, the frequency of which normally requires increasing.   

Vegepods have changeable covers that are inexpensive, simple to switch out and can be picked to suit the growing conditions. They also have controlled ventilation and protection against pests through the permeable, commercial grade polyethene knitted mesh cover that mimics the advantages of a polytunnel.

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