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  • Really easy way to grow potatoes in a container
  • Resealable window lets you check on the progress of potatoes
  • Clever design means that you don't have to unnecessarily disturb the rootzone of your plants
  • Continuous supply of potatoes is possible with harvests over the entire life of a plant
  • Includes 2 strong handles on the side for hassle-free movement of plants
  • Fabric, breathable pots create a stronger root network thanks to the air pruning process
  • Eco-friendly products made from recycled plastic bottles
  • Simple to clean and reusable for 4 - 5 crops
  • Completely biodegradable - 100% over 10 years
  • 3 different colours - tan, green and black

Are you dreaming of a continuous supply of perfect potatoes? These clever containers make regular, high quality harvests a reality!

Utilising a unique fabric material that's "breatheable", each bag will notcieably boost rooting performance by facilitating the air pruning process. Here, air comes into contact with the root tips, shocking and stopping them from growing any futher whilst at the same time triggering secondary root development and branching. As a result, nutrient uptake and overall growth both improve! 

There's no need to disturb your plant or media when growing in a Potato Bag - you'll find a convenient resealable window at the bottom lets you check on the progress of potatoes and harvest them when ready.     

If you ever have to relocate or reposition your plants, the inclusion of 2 strong handles enable you to quickly and easily lift and move them around. 

Made from recycled plastic bottles, Potato Bags register as being eco-friendly. You can clean and reuse these products a maximum of 4 or 5 times and when you've reached the point of wanting to chuck them away, they’re also biodegradable.

Anyone with a garden, grow room, patio or balcony will love Potato Bags! Obviously they're great for growing potatoes, and unsurprisingly carrots suit them too. Really, you can grow anything in them, but for other plants we’d recommend RhizoPots, which consist of the same fabric.

Breatheable Pots give you Bigger Roots and a Better Harvest

Anyone that has grown in a plastic or ceramic pot before knows that the roots venture outwards until they reach the edge of the pot, then circle round and round it. The problems assoicated with this scenario are as follows:

  • Wasted media in the centre of a pot where roots don't tend to grow
  • Low numbers of secondary and tertiary roots
  • Less than optimum amount of root tips
  • Slower water and nutrient uptake

Potato bags are different to standard pots - they use a fabric material that is actually breathable
When roots reach the edge of pots, the tips come into contact with air. This sees each tip dry and stop progressing forwards. Instead, it forces roots to branch out evenly into your media. They start sprouting secondary and tertiary root hairs.

  • More root tips
  • No wasted central space
  • Water and nutrient uptake speeds up
  • Bigger root network to support growth and yield

You get a much larger harvest than you would do in a conventional pot or raised bed, thanks to even, consistent rooting. 

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