Clear Orchid Pot

Clear Orchid Pot

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Description / Clear Orchid Pot

  • Get light on roots - mimic nature for epiphytic orchids
  • Plenty of large drainage holes - to improve aeration and drainage
  • Easy to inspect roots
  • Suitable for most species and hybrids
  • Air cone for root aeration

Clear plastic orchid pots allow filtered light to reach orchid roots. This mimics the conditions of epiphytic orchids - like Phalaenopsis - which grow on trees. Since their roots grow outside soil, light reaches roots.

Recreating these natural growing conditions and improving root health. On top of this, you can quickly check roots for problems, since the pot is clear.  

There are plenty of drainage holes, with lots of larger holes, allowing the orchid to dry between waterings.

To further improve aeration, both the 9cm & 15cm pot has a unique ‘air cone’.

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