Deep Flexi-Trays

Deep Flexi-Trays

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Description / Deep Flexi-Trays

These lightweight, super supple and extra deep trays are worthwhile additions to any enclosed setup! They’ll keep your grow tent, grow room or greenhouse floor free from mess (such as soil and old leaves) and provide you with a nice even work surface. Flexible and easy to manoeuvre when moving into a final position, each tray will then remain strong and sturdy for stress-free gardening. Even the smallest of spills add up in the long run, so save yourself the time and effort of clearing out and cleaning a growing area during use by introducing a Deep Flexi-Tray! Conveniently, after a crop they can be easily removed and wiped down away from plants and equipment. Two different sizes are available – 100cm x 100cm and 120cm x 120cm.

  • Protect your growing area from spills and mess
  • Prolong the life of a grow tent
  • Lightweight, flexible and easy to position
  • Make cleaning quicker and easier for you
  • Available in two sizes: 100cm x 100cm and 120cm x 120cm

Plant Pot Holding Capacity of Flexi-Trays, featuring RhizoPots, Square Pots and Round Pots 


100cm x 100cm Flexi-Tray

120cm x 120cm Flexi-Tray

3.8Ltr RhizoPot
36 64
8Ltr RhizoPot
16 16
12Ltr RhizoPot
16 16
16Ltr RhizoPot 
9 16
30Ltr RhizoPot
4 9
39Ltr RhizoPot
4 9
56Ltr RhizoPot
4 9
78 Ltr RhizoPot
4 4
4 Ltr Square Pot
36 49
6.5Ltr Square Pot
20 25
11Ltr Square Pot
9 16
10cm Square Pot
81 121
13cm Square Pot
42 64
14cm Square Pot
36 64
5Ltr Round Pot
16 25
7.5Ltr Round Pot
12 18
10Ltr Round Pot
9 16
15Ltr Round Pot
9 11


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