Grow Your Own Plants Kit - Soil

Grow Your Own Plants Kit - Soil

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Description / Grow Your Own Plants Kit - Soil


Keeping a mother plant? Look after her! The healthier the mother, the healthier the clones.

Get yours into great shape – with this Mother Plant Tent Kit it’s easy:

For an unbeatable price, you get:  2-in-1 Tent + Blue CFL Light + Reflector + Growing Media + Nutrients + RhizoPot + Timer + Fixings + Tray

You don’t have to work anything out – this trusty kit’s got it all. You know you’re getting the best - everything in this bundle’s been tried, tested and hand-picked by us.


  • Ideal climate for mother plants
  • Incredible investment: healthy mother = healthy clones
  • Superb value (unbeatable price + no ballast needed + cheap to run lights)
  • Protect plant genetics – tried, trusted, reliable brands

Easy to use - automate light on & off times (18hrs on + 6hrs off)

Bigger, healthier root network + more root branching (thanks to RhizoPot)


  • 2-in-1 Tent: BAY6 DP Propagation Tent – 75 x 75 x 130cm
  • Light: 125W Blue CFL (inbuilt ballast!)
  • Reflector: BAY6 Euro CFL Reflector
  • Nutrient: 1L SHOGUN Terra Grow
  • Growing Media: 50L Tropic Mix
  • 2 x Pots: 12L RhizoPot
  • Timer: Grasslin Mechanical Timer
  • Fixings: Exolux Ezi-Roll Hangers
  • Tray: Small Garland Work Tray (58cm x 40cm)

    It's everything you need to get great clones all year round


✔  Ideal Climate for Mother Plants
Lots of blue light, in a compact tent 


  • Compact, BAY6 Dual Purpose Tent (75 x 75 x 130cm)
  • Only blue wavelengths fof light or vegging (Blue CFL light)


  Maximum Growth, No Flowering
Keep your mother plant vegging while other plants flower


  • SHOGUN Terra Grow included (contains EXCLUSIVE additive – the SmartZen Maximiser)
  • 50L Tropic Mix included – (fine grade peat & coco mix)


✔ Strong, Healthy Roots:
Stronger roots = Healthier plants = Better clones


  • RhizoPot included - they naturally air prune roots
  • Your mother won’t become pot bound
  • Bigger, stronger, healthier root network with lots of secondary roots


✔  Excellent Value
You won’t find a kit like it elsewhere


  • Light has a cost-saving, space saving inbuilt ballast
  • Low power lamp – energy saving
  • Timer included
  • Exolux Ezi-Roll Hangers included


✔  No Fuss, No Mess
It doesn’t have to be hard – make your life easy with this kit


  • Automate light on and off times (timer included)
  • Prevent root problems – (RhizoPots included)
  • No mess – Garland Work Tray included to collect run off
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