X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators

X-Stream Aeroponic Propagators

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Aeroponics is an advanced form of growing, that feeds bare rooted plants through a fine mist or spray of fertiliser enriched water. There are many plants that can be grown commercially through to harvest using aeroponics, but one of the main uses of this method of growing is during propgation. When it comes to generating rapid roots, theres very little that is as efficient and succesful as an aeroponic propagator, and these fantastic X-stream units get the job done in record time.

  • Huge roots in record time
  • Increase cutting success rate
  • Ready plants for hydro system or pots

What Is It?

Cuttings are placed straight into the propagator - with no rockwool blocks or cubes! Cuttings are held securely in a small neoprene collar

Your plants are fed with a fine nutrient and water spray. 

As they grow, bare roots are exposed - nutrients go straight to the roots. Your plants will absorb far more nutrients - you'll see surges in growth!

Expect rapid rooting, too! Root growth is unrestricted by growing media and roots get a constant supply of oxygen

Ramp Up Rooting

Roting is unrestricted by media. You'll get huge roots in just 10 days.

Speeds Up Nutrient Uptake

Bare plant roots are exposed so nutrients reach them faster.

Cutting Success Rates Skyrocket

By enhancing growth, boosting root mass and improving nutrient uptake you're making your cuttings and seedlings far more likely to survive and thrive.

Transplant Into Any System

Get cuttings ready for pots or growing systems. Just be careful not to damage the exposed roots when you pot them on.

Collars And Net Pots Included

If using rockwool, use the net pots. Otherwise, you use the clone collars on their own, or with net pots

Holds A Propagation Light

There are grooves in the lid - there's space for 2 x Exolux Pro T5 Single Tube Propagation Lights.

The Tech

  • 20 Plant system: 45cm (long) x 38cm (wide) x 39cm (high)
  • 40 plant system: 60cm (long) x 41cm (wide) x 38.5cm (high)
  • 120 Plants: 116cm (long) x 65cm (wide) x 50cm (high)
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